Greetings fellow primate! Really? Yup. Over the years, I've written a fair amount of songs, poems and, more recently, prose. I hope you enjoy what you read here. And, I wish you well!

The sonnets, just below, wre written wiht a tune in mind, and may be read, or played. When played, I repeat the last quatrain, and the last couplet -- and may make some ad hoc hanges.

Steve Siegel

Sonnet 1 (When Metal Un-corrodes to its True State)

When metal un-corrodes to its true state

And shadows point us to our inner selves

We leave our debris outside the gate

And watch the dust unsettle from our shelves

And breathe free as a weight disappears

And discarded is yesterday

Allowing us [to escape] into coming years

As all that had restrained/betrayed us fades away

But for all time there shall remain a trace

Of everything we think and things we feel

And everything that we chose to face

May matter if eternity is real

So act as if it all depends on you

And through yourself and through your deeds be true

Sonnet 2 (To Ron)

Looking back at childhood I think

How Ron and Dwight and Roger were all there

Seems time has disappeared inside a blink

I look back down the road and wonder where

But every day arrives yet to be born

And in that way we are children still

Though things around the edges have been worn

Enchantment lies beyond each rolling hill

The time will come when I shall not walk

But so long as I am able to

I will love in silence without talk

And I hope for all the same holds true

Weíve no idea what the future brings

I wouldnít change the past or any things

Sonnet 3 (As We Look Up to the Sky and Beyond)

As we look up to the sky and beyond

We wonder about our place and our time

Suppose we could wave a magic wand

How high would we wish ourselves to climb

As we move our thoughts beyond the clouds

They dissipate into an endless space

Till finally, far from worldly crowds

We see/We look down at the tracks of the things we chase

We fail to find the answers that we seek

They all fall through like disappearing sand

Even views we hold and words we speak

We create to try and understand

We know not who we are or why we go

I see the ones I love and then I know

Sonnet 4 (When Sitting in a Neverland of Doubt)

When sitting in a neverland of doubt

A million faces tattooed in my mind

Some live in silence, others shout

Still others wish to leave it all behind

When faced with illusions of who knows

All of us respect the flow of lives

We have no choice; itís not what we chose

We must just be, or cut through clouds with knives

We try to make sense of our being

Some succeed, believing in belief

Others try to fine tune the act of seeing

Some get some, and some get no relief

When faced with the challenge of the unknown

Live life and love; or die each day Ė alone

I Didnít Hear You Say Goodbye

C             G	            F
Iíve lost you youíve gone away
    C             F              G7                   
I know it now I didnít know it yesterday
              Am     G           Em
I donít know how it happened or why
G                         Em             Am
I woke up, turned around didnít see you there
G                        F
I didnít hear you say goodbye

I lost you, and the time goes on                    
Itís easy to pretend that youíre not gone
Itís easy to remember that lie
But every time I turn around youíre not there

G                     F - > C
I didnít hear you say goodbye

I took you for granted
Youíd always be around
My vision must have been slanted
      F                G7
Too late, too late I found

I lost you, many thoughts ago                   
Lost you like a whisper in a snow
I found a teardrop in my eye
I never thought Iíd hear you, say goodbye
I didnít hear you say goodbye

F         G           C
Like a whisper in a snow
G			C
I never even heard you go
F          G           C
Like a teardrop in my eye 
G			  C
I didnít hear you say goodbye

Steve and Max Siegel ca. 1982 or so. 

Copyright (c) Steve Siegel, except where otherwise noted